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  1. Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    One does not have to look far today to find Christians who have been influenced in their understanding of prophecy and the church by dispensationalism. My own conviction is that many people who are now favorably disposed toward dispensationalism would not be if they were only better informed. -by Grover Gunn


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  2. Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    According to dispensationalist theology; a dispensation is a period of time during which man is tested in respect to his obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God. God has divided the history into seven dispensations. -By Nick Bibile

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  3. DISPENSATIONALISM   Open in New Window
    dispensationalism is a doctrinal system that keeps Israel and the Church distinct. This system teaches that throughout history God is seen to have two distinct purposes and two distinct people and these distinctions are maintained throughout eternity (or at least throughout the end of the millennium). -by John Stevenson

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  4. Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    There was a great spiritual vacuum in the 1800's as the pulpits were filled with liberal theology and as a result the lay people were spiritually starving. These conditions gave birth to Brethren Movement in 1830, this was the beginning of dispensationalism. -by Nick Bibile.

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  5. Dispensationalism and Zechariah Chapter 14   Open in New Window
    A fundamental problem with premillennial theology is its inability to discern the difference between the literal and figurative elements of the Scriptures. Much of the prophecy of Old Testament literature is couched in figurative jargon, and those who do not recognize this principle are doomed to failure in their interpretation of the text. -by Wayne Jackson


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  6. Dispensationalism - A Reformed Evaluation   Open in New Window
    The dispensational system of theology, if we are honest, is actually a Nineteenth Century phenomenon. As a historical theologian by profession, I can pretty confidentially tell you that the system is a Nineteenth Century phenomenon in the history of the church. It is particularly associated with John Nelson Darby, the Plymouth Brethren, Cyrus Ingersoll Scoffield. -by J. Ligon Duncan, III


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  7. A History of Dispensationalism in America   Open in New Window
    It is my conviction that many who are presently disposed toward dispensationalism would not be victims of the system if they were better acquainted and informed about the system and its history-its theological roots and the doctrinal errors it has spawned. -by Ernest Reisinger

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  8. A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    These mutilators of the Word tell us that all of the Old Testament from Genesis 12 onwards belongs entirely to Israel after the flesh, and that none of its precepts (as such) are binding upon those who are members of the Church which is the Body of Christ, nor may any of the promises found therein be legitimately appropriated by them. -by Authur W. Pink


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  9. A Study of Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    I was an ardent dispensationalist. Since I was twenty years of age I read and studied the Scofield Reference Bible, which taught this new system of Bible interpretation. I was wrong. And dispensationalism goes deeper than minor differences regarding the second coming Christ. -by Arthur Walkinton Pink

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  10. A History of Dispensationalism in America   Open in New Window
    dispensationalism is the theological mother of non-Lordship teaching. Most of those carrying Scofield Bibles, who sit under Dispensational teachers, know very little about the system and its history. -by Ernest Reisinger

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  11. Twentieth Century Dispensationalism: What and Whence?   Open in New Window
    Chapter one of the book "The Gospel of the Kingdom." For some of our readers a definition of modern dispensationalism will be a necessity, and for all it will be a convenience. It has been defined as, "that system of doctrine which divides the history of God's dealings with the world into periods of time, called 'dispensations'." -by Philip Mauro


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  12. Modern Dispensationalism   Open in New Window
    Modern dispensationalism and the doctrine of the unity of scripture - The rejection of the Old Testament, in part or in whole, was one of the numerous errors of the Gnostics. -by Oswald T. Allis

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  13. Dispensationalism, Return to Biblical Theology or Pseudo Cult   Open in New Window
    ..or Pseudo Christian Cult - The dispensational distinction between the OT and NT saints, the church and Israel, is in fact what denies dispensationalism any claim to Biblical Christianity at all, for in that very distinction dispensationalism teaches multiple methods of salvation. by Gospel Plow


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  14. Dispensationalism and the Eclipse of Christ: An Open Correspondence   Open in New Window
    As many of you are no doubt aware, I was raised a Dispensationalist. When I first became convinced that the teachings of dispensationalism are not supported by an honest assessment of scriptures, I determined to change my thinking on the topic, and so be done with the issue summarily. Such were my intentions, but I found, much to my surprise, that the roots of Dispensationalism are so deep, and they affect so profoundly one's way of thinking about virtually every theological issue, that the task of rejecting one's own Dispensationally-flavored way of viewing the Bible is no simple task. -by Nathan Pitchford


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  15. The Significance of Covenant Theology in Reformed Eschatology   Open in New Window
    We have seen how classic dispensationalism is pervasive and deep-rooted in modern evangelicalism, and how it is seemingly futile to persuade its adherents to change their position. Many covenantalist scholars have attempted to challenge dispensationalism using sound exegesis and hermeneutics, and by showing its fairly recent deviation from historical Christian eschatology. -by Nollie Malabuyo


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  16. The Dispensational Origins of Modern Premillennialism   Open in New Window
    The shift away from historic Christianity stemmed from a novel approach to Bible interpretation called dispensationalism which was developed in the 1830s and popularized with the 1909 publication of the Scofield Reference Bible. by Jack Van Deventer


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  17. Paul's Reply to Dispensational Error   Open in New Window
    dispensationalism is all the rage. But the Church is one in the Old Testament and New, and the New Testament Church is the fulfillment of all prophecy, the very last phase of God's redemptive work on earth. Moses or Christ? Paul's Reply To Dispensational Error, by Charles D. Alexander


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  18. A Letter and Response on Jewish Dreams   Open in New Window
    The editorial "Jewish Dreams" (Standard Bearer, Jan. 15, 1995) continues to draw response. Some of the response is sharp. This is not surprising. Premillennial dispensationalism and postmillennialism have pretty much had the field to themselves. In their controversy with each other, both severely criticize Reformed amillennialism. -by Prof. David J. Engelsma


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  19. John Darby   Open in New Window
    It is impossible to understand fully the dispensational view of eschatology apart from some history of its origin and main spokesmen. Biographers of John Darby refer to him as the father of modern dispensationalism. -by W.E. Cox


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  20. The Great End Time Error   Open in New Window
    Every once in a while you run across a false doctrine that is firmly entrenched within the Christian Church. The doctrine of Premillennial dispensationalism is just such a doctrine. It has been taught repeatedly to so many people on so many occasions that no one seems to realize that the Bible does not actually teach it. What does the Bible say about the End-Time state of the church? -by James M. Frye

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  21. Almost but not Yet   Open in New Window
    The New Covenant in the Hermeneutics of Progressive dispensationalism - Attempts to describe the precise nature of the new covenant have long been a source of disagreement within the theological development of dispensationalism. Some classical dispensationalists like C.I. Scofield, commenting on Hebrews 8:8, spoke about a single new covenant ultimately fulfilled in Israel but nevertheless with spiritual blessings that pour over into the church age. -by Matthew Morgan


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  22. The Apostate Church   Open in New Window
    Today, most denominations and congregations have laid aside the doctrines that their founders proclaimed in exchange for doctrines that are less offensive to the hearers. Leaven has crept into the once faithful churches and is making itself manifest in many forms. Among these forms of leaven are the doctrines of free will, the Charismatic movement, dispensationalism and women in position of authority. -by Dan Harris


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  23. In Defence of the Decalogue: A Critique of New Covenant Theology   Open in New Window
    Book Review - New Covenant Theology is an attempt to carve out a middle way between traditional Covenant Theology and dispensationalism. In recent decades it has achieved a increasing degree of acceptance among many Reformed Baptists. A scholarly refutation of these new ideas has long been needed. -by Richard Barcellos


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  24. The Problem with Radical Discontinuity   Open in New Window
    An essay on the Continuity of the Old and New Testaments in Covenant Theology as contrasted not only with dispensationalism, but also with "New Covenant Theology." Presuppositions assumed and demonstrated (to more or less degree of success): Basic Fundamental Continuity of the Old and New Testaments, Covenant theology. -by David Wendt


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  25. A Brief Refutation of the Carnal Christian Heresy   Open in New Window
    The Necessity of Sanctification - Today's main heresy regarding sanctification completely divorces sanctification from justification in such a manner that the necessity of sanctification in the Christian life is completely denied. Sanctification is said to be optional for believers. This is the heresy of antinomianism. The ancient form of antinomianism was Nicolaitan Gnosticism. The modern form that plagues "evangelicalism" is dispensationalism. -by Brian Schwertley


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