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  1. Halloween: A Battle Lost by Christianity   Open in New Window
    More taunting questions may come today, when your child brings home razor-filled fruit or drugged-dainties. As the Jew recounted the Exodus, you can recount the halloween story, which begins several centuries before Christ. Consider this relic of a superstitious bygone age. -by H. B. Glosson


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  2. The Truth About Halloween   Open in New Window
    The Hallowe'en customs the world observes on October 31st had their beginnings long ago. The origins and traditions can be traced back thousands of years to the days of the ancient Celts and their priests, the Druids of ancient Gaul and Britian.

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  3. A Biblical Response to Halloween   Open in New Window
    On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis in Wittenberg. his is now known as Reformation day. By God's grace, Luther's courageous act of challenging corruption and unBiblical heresies, for all intents and purposes, this act launched the Great Reformation.


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  4. The Way of the Heathen: A Brief survey of Halloween   Open in New Window
    "After one's own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and halloween." The Satanic Bible, by Anton Levey, Page 96, Segment on Religious Holidays. Should Christian celebrate a day that honors things that are cold, dark and dead? "Learn not the way of the heathen." Jeremiah 10:2. -by C. Mathew McMahon


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  5. Halloween or Reformation Day: Redeeming October 31   Open in New Window
    What will your church be doing this Reformation Day, October 31st? For so many halloween presents a dilemma, what do you do with a holiday with roots in the occult? It would be something like walking home late at night, past a grave yard, you notice that there is a celebration going with people dressed in death-glorifying or satanic costumes, beckoning you to come in and join them. Let's make October 31 a day of great remembrance (and educational opportunity) of our Reformed heritage. -by Brad Winsted


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  6. Halloween: Harmless Fun or Dangerous Deception   Open in New Window
    halloween is big business, but how did it start and where did it come from? Satanists still offer sacrifices to the Devil at halloween. The observance of halloween is a serious business for the large number of wizards and witches˙ covens in the country today. Halloween is not harmless fun, nor should it be treated as such.

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  7. Halloween: A Seductive Bridge Between Two Cultures   Open in New Window
    Everyone seemed to have forgotten that a different minority had, only nine months earlier, banned Christmas songs as offensive to their beliefs. But times have changed. By the end of the evening, the pro-halloween group had won its case, and the media spread the "good" news from coast to coast. "We have the holiday back again," declared Bay Area witch, Zsuzsanna Budapest. -by Berit Kjos

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  8. Halloween - From a Christian Perspective   Open in New Window
    Many Christians will allow and even encourage their children to pay respect to the devil on October 31 without knowing they do so. Churches will fully sanction the event with parties that will be decorated with witches, cats, brooms, jack-o-lanterns and bobbing apples. What is the harm? How did this originate? -by Gloria Phillips


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  9. Halloween: A Dark Holiday   Open in New Window
    Every year at the end of October we are treated to the sight of excited children masquerading as witches, pirates, devils, ghosts, vampires, and other symbols of evil. From door to door they go yelling "Trick or treat" collecting candies and tidbits.

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  10. October 31st is Reformation Day   Open in New Window
    Reformation Day, October 31st, is a watershed date profoundly affecting western history. In our day we celebrate halloween. We pay little attention to the more significant events that shook Europe in 1517 and then shaped early America. We tend to play down religion. "It's a private matter," we say.

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  11. Need for the Recovery of the Biblical Gospel   Open in New Window
    We are celebrating that this week. On October 31 we celebrate not halloween and not a pagan festival, not the superstitious nonsense of ghosts and goblins, but, as Christians, we celebrate a great work of God in the church. That great work is when He brought the church back to the gospel. Martin Luther, October 31, 1517, nailed 95 statements of belief to the church door in Wittenberg. -by Rev. Carl Haak


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  12. Witches and Heretics   Open in New Window
    The practise of burning witches was never really adopted in England although direct dissenters with the established religion were treated as heretics and then burned (not much better). Witches were burned in Scotland and, again unlike England, torture was used to gain confessions of guilt from them. -by Ken Wright

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  13. Prayer For Reformation Day   Open in New Window
    [PDF - Adobe Acrobat]
    From Prayers from the Reformed Tradition - O Lord, you gave one Shepherd to your scattered sheep to bring them, by the sacrifice of his life, to you and to one another. You gave to your church the assurance of salvation and set the conscience free from the burden of human failure. -by Kornelis Miskotte (1894-1976)


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  14. Reformation day October 31 or December 10   Open in New Window
    October 31 is generally celebrated as Reformation Day by most Protestant Christians because on that day in the year 1517 Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the castle church at Wittenberg, I have stated before - and I say it again - that this contention is not really correct. The posting of these theses may have caused great uproar all over Europe, but it did not bring about the decisive act of secession (yet). -by P. Jongeling

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  15. Reformation Day Sermon   Open in New Window
    Today, on this Reformation Sunday, we travel back through the sands of time all the way back to the middle 1500's. On this day, 480 years ago, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg church in Germany. Soon, not only Germany, but all the surrounding countries in western Europe were ablaze with the ideas contained in those 95 Theses. -by Dr. J. Richard Short

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  16. Questions and Answers About Reformation Day   Open in New Window
    What is Reformation Day? What was the Reformation? Why was the church in need of reform? Who was Martin Luther and what was his role in the Reformation? What is the liturgical color for Reformation Day? Why is Reformation Day such an important Christian festival?


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  17. Reformation Day   Open in New Window
    The Lutheran Reformation began on All Hallows Eve, or October 31, 1517 when he posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle. In Luther's studies, he came to the conclusion that the only way one was able to approach God was through the grace of God, or sola gratia, and all one needed was faith, or sola fide. -by Tim Zingale


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