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  1. Recovering Essential Truths of the Faith   Open in New Window
    The Ongoing Reformation - Recovering Essential Truths of the Faith - Scripture Alone became the battle cry of the great protest against Rome, which believed in a dual authority: the Bible and tradition. The Reformers believed in other authorities, such as church leaders, civil magistrates, church creeds and confessions, but saw these as subordinate to the authority of God as taught in Scripture. by Doug V. Heck


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  2. Why Feminism and Christianity Canít Mix   Open in New Window
    Feminists and Feminism have never offered a solution to worth that the Bible hasnít already taken care of. Godís Word has all the answers we need. In Christ, and by extension His word, we (men and women) will find all the fulfillment, worth, value and purpose this life has to offer. by Kristen Clark

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  3. God Ordained Relationship Between Men and Women   Open in New Window
    Feminists and Feminism notwithstanding, those who believe God created men & women with distinct but complementary roles have no reason to be ashamed of these roles, but ought to proclaim them as divinely handed-down and very good in the eyes of God and men (Gen. 1:31).


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  4. Jesusí Virgin Birth: According to Scripture   Open in New Window
    In this short passage in Matthew chapter 1, the Lord sets forth great truths about the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus. But He not only tells us truths which are objectively glorious about our Lord, He also tells us truths about Him which come to bear on our daily living. And though the genealogy of our Lord in Matthew begins with the supernatural, a miraculous birth, yet it was a virgin birth. -by Dr. Ligon Duncan

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  5. 5 Reasons to Use the King James Version   Open in New Window
    King James Onlyism is an error, but the KJV of the Bible is not. The abandonment of the King James Bible by modern day churches has not been a good thing. This is a Biblical Christian Bible examination of 5 reasons to use the King James Version of the bible, or why the King James Version is superior to every other english translation of the Bible. By Dr. Rick Flanders


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  6. A Response To Bart D. Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus   Open in New Window
    [PDF - Adobe Acrobat]
    Bart D. Ehrman, Ph.D. is touted to be one of North Americaís leading textual critics today. I find his books particularly difficult to mount a response to. Not because they are scholarly presentations, which they certainly are not, but a recognition that 'Misquoting Jesus' is a book written on a popular level, not an academic level. Ehrman has woven a tight web of exaggeration, partial truths, falsehood, and misrepresentation that would take many more hours than we have, to unravel in order to set the record straight. It is truly a DeVinci Code of textual criticism. by Dr. Thomas Howe


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  7. Survey Studies in Reformed Theology   Open in New Window
    In Matthew 23, Jesus was in the Temple at Jerusalem warning the Scribes and Pharisees about their desecration of the worship of God, and of the immoral lives they were leading. He concluded his warnings with several references to the warnings of the Prophets which he applied to their impending destruction. by Pastor Bob Burridge


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  8. The Term Amillennialism   Open in New Window
    Amillennialism, the doctrine both of the Bible and historic Christianity, has always been the authentic confession of the Christian faith. It is found in brief form in the oldest confession of the Christian church, the Apostles' Creed. The term a-millennial (literally non-millenial) is a rejection of a certain idea of the millennium, namely, that of a carnal, earthly kingdom in this present creation of the glorified Christ on earth. by Rev. Thomas Miersma


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  9. The Hope of Isarel   Open in New Window
    The Hope of Israel was the Apostle Paul's last dialogue with his Jewish kinsmen in the Book of Acts. Some theologians find it problematic that Luke ends the Book in a way that may seem abrupt but we must again remember the purpose of the Book. The goal is to trace the expanse of the Gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. Since Rome represents that far away place, we can understand why it should end here in this city. by Brian Evans, M.A., B.A., Th.D., M.Div.

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  10. The Hope of Israel   Open in New Window
    Study on the The Hope of Israel, with an examination of Dispensationalism and the Scofield Bible. 'For this cause therefore have I called for you, to see you and to speak with you; because that for the Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain. Acts 28:20.' Was Paul then bound with chains and sent to Rome for trial because he proclaimed and taught an earthly kingdom for the Jews? Not at all. Paul deermined the Scriptures, the hope of the promise of God made to the fathers of the hope of Israel to come was realized in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (Acts 26:6-8). by Philip Mauro

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  11. The Mother of Godís Children   Open in New Window
    If God is your father, then who is your mother? No one, you say? Well, God tells us something different in Galatians 4:26 'But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is the mother of us all.' So then, the Jerusalem that is above is the mother of God's children. But what is the Jerusalem that is above? In short, this Jerusalem is the bride of our Lord, and the bride of our Lord is the church. This Jerusalem, this bride is a heavenly reality, but it manifests itself on earth in the visible church. by Larry Wilson


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  12. The New Covenant   Open in New Window
    If all we had was the Old Testament we would all be Dispensationlists. Since they are caught up in the earthly significance of the nation Israel, they place a restoration of that nation in a future millennium, and the entire body of such is stamped primarily with the word "earthly." When we have the New Testament explanation, we see the truth as the word "spiritually" is emphasized. by Pastor Doyle D. Dewberry

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  13. Feminist Infiltration and the Emasculation of Christian Men   Open in New Window
    Men are frequently portrayed as bumbling incompetents as fathers, husbands, and employees. We see women wearing the pants in the family and treating their husbands like an extra child, and we see men who respond in kind: acting like children, obeying their wivesí commands, and, often, indulging in hours of childish pastimes, like video games, instead of working hard and caring for their families. Itís not Father Knows Best anymore. Itís Fatherís a Moronic Buffoon to Kick Around. by Michelle Lesley


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  14. Jephthah's Rash Vow   Open in New Window
    Judges 11:21-40 - There are some stories in Scripture that present us with challenging questions, often because they come from a world and a culture far removed from our own, and because we have certain ideas about Scripture that prevent us from hearing the stories in that context. We are supposed to recoil from the monstrosity of Jephthahís actions. The later community of Israel who included this story in the biblical traditions knew how wrong child sacrifice was, so there would be no mistaking this for a model of right behavior. by Dennis Bratcher

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  15. Christian Faith in an Age of Cynicism   Open in New Window
    Psalm 4:6-8 - The Dictionary says a 'cynic' is a person who 'expects and believes the worst about people, their motives, or the outcome of events.' Cynicism, then, is the habit or mind set of believing the worst about people and life. I would suggest thgat this is what David has in mind in Psalms 4:6 when he says, 'Many are asking, Who can show us any good?' -by Rev. Ray Murray


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  16. Reformed or Reforming?   Open in New Window
    Which is itóreformed or reforming? The church is at its best when it is both. 'Reformed' illustrates that there is something fixed and unchanging about who we are because we serve a God who has given us his infallible, sufficient Word. 'Reforming,' on the other hand, suggests that we recognize that we are fallible in interpreting that Word. by Gregory Edward Reynolds

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  17. The Miracle of Elisha and the Floating Axe Head   Open in New Window
    The question is often asked of me, 'what is the significance of the floating axe head?' Was it just to show that Elisha did great miracles by the power of God? Was it to demonstrate that God cares about His people being in debt? The fact is, this sign or miracle is God breathed in all its elements because God wants us to consider it as a token or signification of something far more important than literal iron floating on water. The floating axe head, and indeed the pattern of all Godís miracles recorded in Scripture, always have some deeper spiritual meaning to them. by Tony Warren


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  18. The Text Says Jesus 'Loved' The Rich Young Ruler   Open in New Window
    Mark 10:17-22, the story of the rich young ruler, is a bellwether text for measuring just how literally we are willing to take the Bible. There is no hint that Jesus finds the rich young ruler to be unlikable or an unrepentant sinner. And it would take an awful lot of reading into the text of Mark 10:18 to suggest that the rich young ruler has a high opinion of himself rather than Jesus. by Dr. Eric Foley


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  19. 7 Problems with Christian Opposition to Inerrancy   Open in New Window
    Kyle Roberts, a theologian at United Theological Seminary has written a article entitled 'Seven Problems with Inerrancy.' Roberts is an example of a growing number of theologians who argue that we should reject the belief that Scripture is inerrant. In this response, I will point out seven problems with Robertsís position.by Robert Bowman


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  20. I Donít Love to Pray, But I Want To   Open in New Window
    Sweet hour of prayer. With such I hasten to the place where God my Savior shows his face and gladly take my station and wait for thee. But letís be honest here. Prayer is not always bliss. We donít hasten to it gladly. We donít pray for an hour. We donít even know what to pray for. But as we grow in the discipline of prayer, it can be a rich experience of sharing our heart with God. By William Boekestein

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