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  1. We White Christian Evangelicals Are Our Own Worst Enemy   Open in New Window
    Are Christians their our own worst enemy? Have we convinced ourselves to live lives of fear instead of love? When Christians have reached a place where they think that itís a matter of major theological principle not to sell pastries to sinners, but are willing to give accused pedophiles like Roy Moore a pass, I think itís safe to say that American Christianity today, and white American Christianity in particular, is in a pretty sorry state. by Charles Matthews


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  2. The Charismatic Movement - The Gifts have Ceased   Open in New Window
    There is a most unwelcome tree growing in the garden of the professing church. Since the 1960s this tree has experienced phenomenal growth, and has now spread so profusely that there is hardly a corner to which its rapidly extending branches have not reached. Wherever it goes, it casts a dark shadow over vital Biblical Christianity. This is the tree of the charismatic movement, that section of Christendom which insists on the continuance today of the the gifts of miracles recorded in the New Testament. By Rev. Keith Watkins


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  3. What Is Salvation?   Open in New Window
    What is Salvation? Salvation is our reconciliation and involves the peace between God and man which was purchased by the death of His Son. Like the atonement in particular, salvation in general has many different pictures which Scripture uses. Salvation is a vast doctrine which many different nuances. In Salvation we have been reconciled, justified and redeemed by the propitiatory, substitutionary death of the Son of God. by Geof Ashley

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  4. J. I. Packer on Why Annihilationism Is Wrong   Open in New Window
    The doctrine of hell is the most difficult aspect of the Christian faith for many people. It is for me. I feel acutely the unremitting sadness of this doctrine. But we simply donít have the option to pick and choose from what the Bible teaches: we are called to submit to its authority over us. by Gavin Ortlund


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  5. Did Angels Marry Human Women?   Open in New Window
    Does Genesis speak of angels marrying human women? The early verses of Genesis chapter 6, when viewed with the rest of the Bible, and comparing Scripture with Scripture, speak of the faith degeneration of the believing community in the pre-Flood world. Men of God lusted after worldly, unconverted women and fell from the faith Ė a problem still very much with us today. by Robert E. Gentet

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  6. The Global Flood of Noah's Day   Open in New Window
    It would seem that God's authorship of Genesis could not have been more explicit. Conversely, if God had intended to describe a local flood, He obscured the facts. If words can communicate truth, if God can express Himself clearly, then the Flood was global. It would seem that only a rank downgrading of Scripture, and/or an unhealthy desire for the approval of unsaved men could lead one to question this doctrine of a global Flood. by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

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  7. The Abomination of Homosexuality   Open in New Window
    Homosexuality has become a controversial subject in our day, even in the churches of Jesus Christ. That is not because Godís word as revealed in Scripture is not plain enough, but because people prefer to conform to the spirit of the age, to the values of our anti-Christian culture, and because they are reluctant to offend people who differ with them. The Scriptures warn us about such deceit and command us to "speak the truth in love". by Louis F. DeBoer


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  8. Must My Wedding Be In A Church   Open in New Window
    The Bible doesnít dictate what those cultural forms, and customs, and traditions are that establish public recognition that two people have entered a lifelong marriage covenant with each other before God. But it is assumed in the Bible that there is a public recognition of who is married and who is not. And it is not a merely private act. It is not private to the government. It is not private to the Church. It is public. by John Piper

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  9. Who Is Israel   Open in New Window
    This article is comprised of an exerpt from a Chapter on "The Abrahamic Covenant" in Louis F. DeBoer's book, "The Divine Covenants". It deals with the section of the chapter that identifies the parties involved in the Abrahamic Covenant, and specifically who is the Israel of God. It establishes that If all of national Israel should prove unworthy, God would if necessary raise up seed to Abraham from the very stones that his covenant might to kept and his purposes fulfilled. by Louis F. DeBoer

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  10. Is It OK to Lie like Rahab did, to Bring About Good?   Open in New Window
    The fact that Rahab found favor with God does not in any way minimize her sin or in any way justify it. Some will say that Rahab lied to bring about good, or to prevent evil, which was the death of the spies, so that makes it justified. However, what was brought about because of her lie does not change the fact that it was still a lie and lying is a sin. by Shari Abbott

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  11. Spiritual Insanity   Open in New Window
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    And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him. No, not with chains because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces. Neither could any man tame him. But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? by Greg Elmquist

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  12. Why Reformed Christians Can't Watch the Passion of the Christ   Open in New Window
    This is an article on why a Reformed Christian may not attend the Movie, 'The Passion of the Christ,' and what He or She must witness to those who do. To attend the movie, The Passion of the Christ, would be to make yourself guilty of blasphemy. Blasphemy is contemptuous insult of and bold attack on the holy God and our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, by word and by deed. By David J. Engelsma


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  13. Preaching Versus Teaching   Open in New Window
    What is the difference between Preaching and Teaching? As I instruct students in homiletics, one of the distinctions I try to help them see is that of preaching versus teaching. Clearly, pastors must do both, and there is a great deal of overlap. After the apostles were beaten by the Jewish authorities, they were released and we are told that they 'did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus' (Acts 5:42). So they both taught and preached, yet the use of both of these words does denote a difference. by Dr. Barry York


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  14. Lying, Truthfulness and the Grace of God   Open in New Window
    Every fall, we get stuck on the story of Rahab in the book of Joshua, and we get particularly stuck on the question of whether Rahab was justified in lying to Jericho about the whereabouts of Israelís spies. Is a false witness, a false testimony, Lying or lies ever justified for the Christian? It never can be lawful to lie, because that cannot be right which is contrary to the nature of God. And God is truth. All of our speech is confessional; all of our speech acknowledges the sin and lies to which we are prone. To do anything less would be, well ...a lie. by Ph. D. Keith Starkenburg


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  15. And Call No Man Your Father Upon the Earth   Open in New Window
    What is the Meaning of Call No Man Your Father Upon the Earth. Call no man on earth your father? The correct understanding of this verse is unlikely to be gleaned without the Spirit of God, careful consideration of the context, and reflection on the text in the light of the rest of Scripture. Christ clearly is not declaring that we literally cannot call those who train or instruct us our teachers, nor that children may not call their natural parent their father. His words are not meant to invalidate literal titles or distinction made among men, but rather that we cannot exalt ourselves or man to an authoritative position reserved only for God. by Tony Warren


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  16. Called Saints   Open in New Window
    If one follows the text closely one will notice that those addressed by Paul were not called "to be saints, but were called saints. The translators added the words "to be" because they, no doubt, struggled with the word saint (holy one) as many do today.by Doyle D. Dewberry

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  17. Homosexuality and the Media   Open in New Window
    Rev Diaz is a prominent clergyman and an outspoken opponent of gay rights. The obvious question then becomes why did the New York Times not go to him initially for his reaction to the ordinance? Or, why did it not present the views of Dr. Howard Hurwitz of the Family Defense Council, of Rabbi William Handler of Jews for Morality, or of one of the Cityís many other pro-family leaders? It was not until the fourth in a series of articles that New Yorkers even got a intimation that there was organized opposition to the ordinance within New York City, other than in the Catholic Church. by Don Feder


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  18. The Dangers of the Invitation System   Open in New Window
    Some of the dangers of ther invitation system or the altar call are giving assurance to those who are unconverted, promoting a method not promoted in Scripture, confusing the 'coming forward' with salvation and counting great numbers who only discredit their profession by their lives. We must learn to trust the power of the Holy Spirit and God's sovereign word to convince, convert, and change lives of those who are called. by by Jim Ehrhard


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  19. Born of Water and Spirit   Open in New Window
    Reformed Christian Bible Study on what it means to be born of water and Spirit. Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. What is regeneration? What is new birth? Well to put it simply we could say that regeneration is the divine act of instantaneously communicating spiritual life to men. Now if it is a divine act and if it is an instantaneous communication of spiritual life then it should be clear that man is a passive individual in regeneration. by Dr. S. Lewis Johnson

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  20. Recovering Essential Truths of the Faith   Open in New Window
    The Ongoing Reformation - Recovering Essential Truths of the Faith - Scripture Alone became the battle cry of the great protest against Rome, which believed in a dual authority: the Bible and tradition. The Reformers believed in other authorities, such as church leaders, civil magistrates, church creeds and confessions, but saw these as subordinate to the authority of God as taught in Scripture. by Doug V. Heck


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