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  1. Why Does God Allow Suffering   Open in New Window
    The question is often asked, If there is a God, a loving, merciful God, why does He allow people to suffer? How can He allow humans to experience the terrible accidents, illnesses, crime, wars and troubles that are so common in this world every day? Doesn't He care? -by Wayne Blank

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  2. Why Does God allow Suffering   Open in New Window
    The problem of human suffering has vexed many children of God. Theologians and philosophers have written complex and learned volumes wrestling with it. At the heart of the problem is a question that takes us back to examine the very essence of God's nature. -by Lee J. Smith


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  3. Why Doesn't God Do Something   Open in New Window
    why does God allow suffering? Theodicy deals with the problem of evil to show that it is possible to affirm the omnipotence of God, the love of God, and the reality of evil without contradiction. The skeptic's argument generally is that given the reality of evil, we must sacrifice either the power (omnipotence) or the love (goodness) of God. A dilemma allegedly arises. -by Eric Frank


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  4. Getting What You Don't Deserve   Open in New Window
    It isn't as though God solved Job's problem. We are not told that he is feeling better. And he certainly hasn't answered the questions we sometimes try to make this book be about: why do bad things happen to good people? why is there evil in the world? why does God allow suffering? Instead, God has mostly just re-affirmed his God-ness. -by Rev. Brian D. Ellison


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  5. Running to Finish   Open in New Window
    why does God allow suffering? Thereís a saying not much used anymore that the job of a pastor is to teach people how to die. There could hardly be a grimmer job description. Itís one of the great mysteries of the faith that God has chosen to work in such a way that the life we truly seek first requires our death. For each of us God has a plan called, Race to Finish. -by Reverend Matthew B. Reeves

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  6. Why does God allow evil?   Open in New Window
    If God is all-powerful, just, and good, why does He allow evil? When the natural mind addresses this question, it is biased by its enmity against God. The world's answer carelessly vilifies and slanders the Judge of all men. Those who love God are often troubled by this question also. However, they realize that the true answer will vindicate Him with triumph! -by Keith Graham

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  7. Why Does God Allow Innocent People to Suffer   Open in New Window
    This is one of the most difficult questions for Christians to answer. The "problem of pain," as the well-known Christian scholar, C.S. Lewis, once called it, is atheism's most potent weapon against the Christian faith.

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  8. Suffering, Difficulty, and the Problem of Evil   Open in New Window
    Twenty Nine book reviews on suffering, children, evil, wickedness, pain in the world and problems of iniquity. Included are the titles "deserted by God", "How Long O Lord", " suffering and God", "Faith and Reason", and "The Enigma of Evil". -by Fred G. Zaspel


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  9. Dealing With Suffering   Open in New Window
    The first attitudinal component that will help you through the tough ordeals is to expect them. Inasmuch as we are born to trouble as fallen sinners in a fallen world of sinners, it is reasonable not to be surprised when trouble shows up. In the context of this epistle, though Peter is referring more precisely to persecution and its inevitability, it still makes the point-expect trials. -by John MacArthur

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