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  1. This Bible quiz program was created to assist people in understanding and memorizing the scriptures, and events in Biblical History. It's not a game per se', it is more of a challenging learning system, or mini daily Bible refresher.

  2. First, bookmark Quiz Page, as you will need to stop by daily to answer your questions.

  3. The rules are simple. Choose a screenname and passweord so we can remember you and keep your score. Don't forget your password, as info will expire at some point, and you will need your password to continue under your same name, and with your same score.

  4. The Challenge uses the King James Version of the Bible. This may (I Assume), or may not, be important in some instances.

  5. You are permitted to answer only one question per day.

  6. You receive 1 point for each correct answer.

  7. You will have about a minute to answer questions.

  8. You are given the correct answer afterward, with scripture confirmation of answer, and perhaps some other information.

That's about it! Some questions are more difficult than others, and some have twists, or require careful reading. But don't take too long  ; )
Have Fun, and gain some biblical information or knowledge at the same time. and remember, it's not who wins or loses, it's what you come away with!

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