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    In response to requests to place the Authorized version of the Holy Bible online for people who for one reason or another do not have access to one, or one without all the other extraneous objections, with a quick search option, we have added this Bible tool to our site. After all, there can never be too many Bibles online.

The program is relatively quick, easy to understand, implement, and operate, and more options will be added later when I have more time, "God willing."

Searching Text of Bible
The Bible search option will locate in scripture "any and all" instances of any word or string of text you input, give the number of verses that word or text is found in, and output in neat verse by verse fashion. It will search through the scriptures and retrieve any verse in the Bible which has the phrase in it that you submited, with results returned 25 per page. This is a great option for example when you need to find a verse, but only remember a few words of it. For example, searching "for god so loved" will bring up one verse, John 3:16. On the other hand, searching "angel" will bring up 283 verses containing angel or angels. Your searched words will be highlighted in the text for easy reference. These types of searches are very useful when doing serious Bible study. Not only to know where the instances are, but to look at the context of words (or expand it to chapters) to see how God inspired them used.

Retrieving Passages
You may also search by chapter and verse simply by inputting these in the search form and selecting the "by Chapter or Verse" option. Use the standard format (e.g. Genesis 1:2, or 1 Thessalonians 2 for whole chapters). The typical mistake in this area probably is to not format the search query correctly. Online form searching for specific passages should be in this format:

Genesis 2:1  (book chapter:verse)

  Or when searching multiple verses:

Genesis 2:1-10  (book chapter:first_verse-last_verse)

  To get the whole Chapter, it is simply:

Genesis 1   (book chaper_number)

  Space is only between book and chapter, never between anything else.

Tips on linking Remotely
You may also link verse/s remotely to any document. To link remotely to a specific verse, verses, chapter, or chapters, the format is below:

Start with the URL
..then add the passage format, replacing space with the plus sign. i.e.
Genesis+2:2 (gets genesis chapter 2, verse 2 only). Exhibit A:

Genesis+1:1-15 (gets genesis chapter 1, verses 1 to 15).
Genesis+1 (gets Genesis chapter 1).
Genesis+1&Genesis+2&Genesis+3&Genesis+4 (gets genesis chapters one to four).

Using the '&' between queries, you may do up to four queries, and you can mix and match. For example

T r o u b l e    S h o o t i n g

The most common searching mistakes are typos and incorrect formatting. Check the format of all the passages that you query.

In remote querying, remember that a format such as Genesis+1-2 is incorrect, though it may at first glance look correct. It should be Genesis+1:1-2 for verses, or Genesis+1&Genesis+2 for chapters.

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