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Info-Net'ing The Biblical Web

    The Mountain Retreat has but one primary purpose; carrying the gospel message of Jesus Christ to a world desperately in need of "unadulterated" biblical truths. We stand together as a family who's desire is to do the will of God. Our commitment is to do things decently and in order, to rightly discern the Word of God. In Theology and eschatology, man must search out the scriptures understanding God's sovereignty in all things.

These Search Engines were coded to make it easy to find Reformed Churches, Web Sites, topical and historical Christian information, articles, essays, and Bible studies which are written from a distinctly "Biblical" perspective, without spending hours sorting through hundreds of unrelated (and unchristian) pages.

There is nothing more frustrating than doing a search for a word and having the results be 1,000 pages of which 800 are non relevant to the topic you're searching. The non-relevancy of course is because the engines generally search everything and they pick out anything not tied down which has the search term on it. This can be anything from a passing remark or phrase, to the name of a school, guestbook or company.

This led me to code this Biblical Search engine for those specifically looking for Bible based documents, Reformed Sites, literature, and information. It is reasonably fast (my ISP notwithstanding) and very simple. The Reformed Church search is probably the most comprehensive database of information about Reformed Churches on the Internet.

Church and Site Search Disclaimer:

This Mountain Retreat does not endorse the doctrines of any of the congregations or Reformed Sites listed here. Inclusion in this search database does not constitute that we either agree that they are Reformed, nor that we agree with their doctrines. It simply means that they are professed Reformed Churches and Web Sites who claim to hold to the Reformation tenants. While we do our best to screen these Churches and Sites, if you know of any which were included here erroneously, please let us know.

Use your own judgment about attending any of these Churches. Some of the best ways of checking out a Church beforehand is to email, phone or write the Pastor and simply ask him honestly about Church doctrines.

If you would like to add your "Reformed" Church or web page to our database, simply click on the appropriate link to the left and add the pertinent information (please be reasonably thorough).

Help Us!

Our goal is to web the entire "Biblical Christian Internet Community", where you will be able to search and find every solidly bible based document on the web by Title, Author, Topic, Book or Keyword. You can help in that effort by indexing the outstanding Biblical literature you come across, and using accurate descriptions and relevant keywords. Remember to check to see if your Reformed Church or site is listed and include it via the appropriate form.

We Spider and remove dead links on all databases after a couple weeks or so (we don't want to remove temporarily down links), so you won't be seeing the dreaded "404 Not Found" error page on most searches. Test it out, add pages or Church, or place the search or search box on your page. Let us know what you think. Your comments, criticisms, and suggestions are Welcomed.

-Tony Warren

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