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T r o u b l e    S h o o t i n g

    The most common searching mistake is misspellings. Check the spelling of all the words in your query.

If all the words are spelled correctly, you might then try:

  • Replacing some words with synonyms or more general terms
  • Eliminating some of the words
  • Try one word topic searches (women, christology, translations, etc.)
    Some people will actually miss their search topic by searching too specifically. Remember, this search engine is coded to be both simple to use and will give accurate (relevant) results so that you can be more general. I.e., there's not a lot of unwanted, unchristian or unrelated information keyed in on the words you are searching.

    For example, leave out the middle initials if you're searching by an author, as some people catalog authors only by their first and last name. In other words, a search for charles haddon spurgeon will likely miss any literature listed under "c spurgeon", or "charles h. spurgeon". While a search for "charles spurgeon" will produce most of the listings. The key word is simplify. In that regard, searching "spurgeon" will produce all information related to spurgeon (this guarantees you'll miss nothing in the database about spurgeon). For best results, start out Simple, and get more specific only if necessary if you receive too many result pages.

Search Related Topics
    Use logic. For example, if you're searching for information about the pope, you might also try popery, or papacy. People enter information about the same things differently so you should try alternative words. I.e., if you look up fear, you should also look up afraid, or the word calvinism will often bring up information about predestination as they are all related in topic. Try one word topical searches.

More Tips and Hints
    If you are looking for a specific writing or literature, Try the literature seach. If you can't think of it's name, but you know the name of the author, search by his name. The authors name is generally indexed somewhere in the database as keywords or in descriptions. Generally exclude any middle initials!

    Try expected misspellings. For example, many people write the word "millenial", while others correctly write it "millennial". The same with armenian and arminian. If you're not sure, or are not sure others entered it correctly, try searching both ways.

Help us by Indexing your URLs
    Make sure that you do not index your main (index.html) home page in the literature search, or specific literature in the Web page search. They are two different databases.

If for some reason the spider cannot index your URL, leave us a message with all the information and it will be indexed.

The Mountain Retreat Search
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