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Abate Not Reformed Search
Courtesy of The Mountain Retreat

Info-Net'ing The Biblical Community

Other Reformed Web Sites

Abate Not Reformed Christian Resources

The most comprehensive listing of Reformed Resources on the Internet. We are the starting point for serious Christians looking to locate Reformation Theology, Churches, Message Forums, Real Audio, Classic Literature, or any Reformed related material.
Last Updated:  Sun Jul 9 16:54:47 2000

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

A broad coalition of evangelical Christian leaders from a number of different denominations, including Baptist, Independent, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Reformed. Our purpose is to call the church, amidst our dying culture, to repent of its worldliness, to recover and confess the truth of God's Word as did the Reformers, and to see that truth embodied in doctrine, worship, and life.
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 7 01:14:36 2000

Reformation Ink

It is our contention that the theology of the Reformation is the purest expression of Christianity on the planet. This site exists in order to make important and hard to find primary source Reformation documents readily accessible.
Last Updated:  Sun Jul 9 13:56:59 2000

Biblical Discussions Forum

Reformed Christian Theology and Eschatology biblical discussions. Frank and honest exegesis of scripture, and messaging in the light of the Bible alone as the ultimate authority.
Last Updated:  Tue Feb 13 18:13:42 2001

Reformed Watchmen

The Reformed Watchmen is a group of believers who adhere to the reformed doctrines of the Christian faith. We believe the Bible alone and in its entirety is the Word of God. We use our forum to share Bible studies, pose and answer questions concerning the Bible, and to encourage one another in our walks with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Last Updated:  Tue Feb 13 18:24:08 2001

The Highway Discussion Board

The Highway's theological discussion group. various discussions in the reformed tradition.
Last Updated:  Tue Feb 13 18:36:35 2001

Family Stations Inc,

The Sound of the New Life. Live radio, teachings by harold camping, Foreign Languages, Realaudio recordings of the Open Forum Program and more
Last Updated:  Sun Jul 9 17:35:12 2000

Fire and Ice

This site contains Puritan and Reformed sermons, with many other writings, some in modern language. writings by authors such as John Owens, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter, Samuel Rutherford, and many more.
Last Updated:  Mon Jul 10 08:52:48 2000

Reformed Sovereign Grace Literature Home Page

Reformed Literature, Real Audio Sermons, Lectures, and Psalters
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 10:24:18 2000

The White Horse Inn

Lively theological discussion in The White Horse Inn. Theologians Michael Horton, Ken Jones, Kim Riddlebarger, and Rod Rosenbladt unravel scripture to make learning interesting and dynamic
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 10:24:18 2000

Articles, net links, and discussions aimed at encouraging Christians by directing them to keep their eyes on Jesus. Written from a Reformed perspective.
Last Updated:  Sat Mar 30 23:54:18 2002

Reformed Christian Pages

Dedicated to Hosting UK Based Reformed Christian Organisations. If you know of a Reformed Christian UK based organization that wishes a web site please contact us.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 12:39:18 2000

The Bible League Trust

The Bible League Trust seeks to promote the Reverent Study of the Holy Scriptures, and to resist the varied attacks made upon their Inspiration, Infallibility and Sole Sufficiency as the Word of God. Our publication is called The Bible League Quarterly.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 12:48:53 2000

The Trinitarian Bible Society

The Trinitarian Bible Society - Founded in 1831 for the circulation of Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God. Our aim is to publish and distribute the Holy Scriptures throughout the world in many languages, promote Bible translations which are accurate and trustworthy to uphold the doctrines of reformed Christianity, bearing witness to the equal and eternal deity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, One God in three Persons.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 12:57:13 2000

William Farel Society

Australian Reformed Network HQ. Revival Christianity and the work of the Holy Spirit. Protestant religious life in contemporary Australia.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 13:58:12 2000

A reformed theology page centered on the Deity of Christ. Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Christian Living, developed by a Reformed Theological Seminary Student
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 16:10:52 2000

The Highway

The Highway is a great source for articles on Reformed Theology, notable sermons by Reformed and Puritan authors, and books. There is an Article of the Month, a customizable Discussion Board, and a host of categorized searchable links.
Last Updated:  Sun Aug 5 18:57:28 2001

Jason's Christian Web Page

Calvinistic Resource for sermons, history, articles, and politics from a Reformed Christian perspective
Last Updated:  Wed Jul 12 00:33:52 2000

Cornerstone Resource Center

Home of Cornerstone Home Academy with information about Homeschool - Home Education, Classical Education, Online Educational Sites, Our Home Library, and Our Used Book Site plus, info about the World of the Written Word.

Last Updated:  Thu Jul 13 21:49:45 2000

Contend for the Faith -- Grace Bible Church

Doctrines examined include: the Charismatic movement, the End-times, Jesus' Deity, the Trinity, New Bible Versions, the Attributes of God
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 14 19:38:18 2000

Bible Truth -- Contend for the Faith

Doctrines examined include: the Charismatic movement, the End-times, Cults, Roman Catholicism, the Trinity, New Bible Versions
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 14 19:45:11 2000

Berean Christian Research Ministries

By the grace of God endeavoring to remind the saints of the true faith that was once given.
Last Updated:  Sat Jul 15 05:22:25 2000

Grace Unknown

This website exists and is maintained for the primary purpose of helping many in the modern Church to become acquainted with the very warp and woof of the Christian faith: GRACE. Now on the first blush, it may seem ludicrous to suggest that there could be Christians who do not understand the content of their own faith. Such is, however, the case.
Last Updated:  Sat Jul 15 22:32:36 2000


Website of Alan Morrison.Diakrisis is NT Greek for discernment. The site focus is both apologetics and spiritual discernment. Alan's testimony is one of conversion from a New Age background.
Last Updated:  Sat Nov 25 06:41:53 2000

A 21st Century Puritan

The Purpose of this web site is to set forth a Puritan call for today's church... Calling all people to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and Calling Christ's people to true Biblical purity in faith, life and worship.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 18 14:47:12 2000

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