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Courtesy of The Mountain Retreat

Info-Net'ing The Biblical Community

Presbyterian Web Sites

The Mountain Retreat

The Mountain Retreat Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology is committed to one goal, and that is the spiritual growth of God's family through the faithful teaching of His Word. Theology from a distinctly Reformed perspective, Classic and historical Christian literature, message forums, eschatology, Bible studies, and fellowship in the doctrines of Grace.
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 30 16:14:18 2004


The Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics is dedicated to providing biblically sound online resources for the edification of god's people.
Last Updated:  Sun Jul 9 17:22:13 2000

The Blue Banner/FPCR Web Site

Web site of The Blue Banner and First Prersbyterian Church Rowlett, Texas. Articles on the Reformed Faith, Doctrine, and Worship, audio, free reformed software, psalm tunes.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 05:20:13 2000

The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies

The Genevan Institute was founded to provide a center where committed reformed scholars and students can work together to study and do research in areas related to the historic reformed faith and its application to contemporary situations.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 06:27:08 2000

Lee Iron's Home Page

Theological papers on Theonomy, infant baptism and Eschatology, with classic insights into the Paul's epistle to the Romans. Lee deals a lot with current issues in practical Theology.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 09:20:18 2000

The Teaching Page of Pastor Keith Graham

A resource for meditations, essays, sermons, Bible studies, articles. Includes a "Contra Cults Corner" (apologetic material on JWs et. al.)
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 11 15:36:55 2000

The Strait Gate

A rather large RealAudio section that includes the audio of Alpha & Omega Min's James White, William Webster, Eric Svendsen (all three refute the claims of Roman Catholicism), Greg Bahnsen, and sermons from various churches.
Last Updated:  Mon Oct 20 13:39:16 2003


Theologia, a term obviously pregnant with meaning, is a web page that etymology works out through the centuries, the term "theologia" is closely related to the word "theology". And that is exactly what this web page is all about: theology, understood in it's widest possible meaning--soteriology, church history, apologetics, liturgics, etc, as well as theology proper.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 18 14:11:18 2000

TULIP.ORG - Reformation for Today

World wide ministry of Christ Covenant Reformed Church PCA. We are Reformed in Theology, Presbyterian in government, and Evangelical in Witness.
Last Updated:  Tue Jul 18 14:24:32 2000

The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy

The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy is a distinctively biblical and historic consortium of networked think tanks, publications, and scholars, with innovative high-tech electronic analytic on-line archive and publishing forum.
Last Updated:  Thu Jul 20 00:26:10 2000

Atlantic Coast Communications Audio and Radio

For nearly 15 years Atlantic Coast Communications has been producing professional audio and radio programming. disseminates the radio teaching of today's finest reformed Christian communicators. We have seen congregations grow as a result of effective radio programming.
Last Updated:  Thu Jan 25 10:56:14 2001

Lighthouse Theology Page

This is a site that deals with historical and Biblical Reformation Theology. We proclaim the truths of the Protestant Reformation: Sola Scriptura - Scripture Alone, Sola Fide - Faith Alone, Sola Gratia - Grace Alone, Solus Christus - Christ Alone, and Soli Deo Gloria - Glory be to God Alone.
Last Updated:  Thu Jul 20 13:16:25 2000

Reformed Theology

Great reformed resources. Please sign guestbook when you stop by!God Bless!
Last Updated:  Sun Feb 11 00:58:23 2001

The Reformed Theology Source

The Reformed Theology Source is the result of my desire and calling to spread a passion for God's glory beyond the 2 towns where I minister. There is plenty of info about our churches, links, as well as a plethora of theological articles (Horton, Boice, Piper, MacArthur, Sproul) on this site.
Last Updated:  Sat Jul 22 18:12:09 2000

Stratford Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Stratford Orthodox Presbyterian Church of New Jersey website contains a sermon archive in RealAudio and text, Christian chatrooms, Christian links, and info about our denomination and local church.
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 21 12:27:18 2000

Christ the King Presbyterian Church

Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA), El Paso, Texas is committed to glorifying and enjoying God in the historic, Reformed, and Evangelical tradition.
Last Updated:  Fri Jul 21 13:07:31 2000

Christ Presbyterian PCA

Committed to the Historic truths of biblical Christianity, God centered Worship in the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and the Proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. A Community of Believers supporting and Encouraging one another. David A. Sherwood, Pastor.
Last Updated:  Mon Aug 7 16:03:02 2000

SEMPA Pressie Church

A Church committed to Reformed covenantal theology and a ministry emphasis of discipleship. Today theology is seen as an optional extra. At SEMPA we believe it is absolutely vital to the disciple's life and witness. In fact, at SEMPA we think the more you know Him, the more you'll marvel at His grace.
Last Updated:  Fri Jan 18 06:32:25 2002

Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Your complete guide to the quality, Christ-centered education offered at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary; including full course catalog, online application, and more.
Last Updated:  Wed Sep 6 04:24:58 2000

Faith Presbyterian Church Associate Reformed Synod

Faith Presbyterian Church of the Associate Reformed Synod is located at 65 Lynam Road, Sumter, SC 29154 Phone: (803)775-6686
Last Updated:  Sun Oct 29 07:06:13 2000

Westminster Presbyterian Church

North Texas Presbytery, PCA, Gainesville, Texas. Reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to North Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma. CORAM DEO
Last Updated:  Sun Oct 29 07:06:13 2000

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) located at the corner of Aleppo Drive and Spanish Garden Drive, serving the Sun Cities in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Last Updated:  Sun Nov 05:05:11 2000

The Warfield List Web Site

The official Website for the Warfield email list, the Warfield Web Site also has a host of Reformed Resources including essays, sermons, links, profiles, and a theological glossary.
Last Updated:  Fri Nov 17:05:11 2000

The Open Forum Page

Welcome! My name is Leon Kolberg and this is my "Open Forum" site. The "Open Forum" is a call-in program heard every week-night on Family Radio, one of America's leading Reformed Christian Broadcasters. The program is hosted by Bible teacher Harold Camping, who is also Family Radio's president. Over the years, I have collected transcripts of many interesting questions asked on this program. They are now available here.
Last Updated:  Wed Jul 12:22:11 1999

Thornwell Hall

Home Page of Doctor James E. Bordwine, Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church - Director of the Westminster Institute, Vancouver, USA.
Last Updated:  Mont Apr 16:12:12 1998

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